Trevasco Standard Poodles at Blythswood Estate

Puppies from health tested parents - Our poodles of colour

Our Doggie Family

We do not have dogs of any size available for public stud at this point in time, however this can be assessed on a case by case basis upon enquiry. 

We also do not intend to allow any of our poodles to be bred with dogs that are not registered with an ANKC affilated body, or with a cross bred dog of any sort.  To do so would place our registration with Dogs Queensland at risk and also go against my beliefs and those of my mother for whom Trevasco has 45 years of sound reputable practice to be proud of.
Our import Aust Ch / Can Ch Seransil Decadent Delight "Truffle", who arrived from Canada and released from quarantine on 14 December 2012.

Truffle made her Australian show debut on 2 February 2013 and attained her Australian Championship title on 16 June 2013.  We are very proud of her and very thankful to Evelyn Sera of Seransil Poodles for entrusting Truffle into our care.  Truffle won 7 Intermediate of group sashes during her Aussie show career as well as her significant wins in Canada.

Test results DM, NE,vWD - clear.  RD - Heterozygous (one gene) - kidney function good.  Hip score 10.  Colour Dominant black with recessive brown.  Carries light colours and a single dilute gene.

10 Generation COI = 1.59%

12 Generation COI = 3.26%

(Photo is courtesy of E Sera as my photographic skills leave a lot to be desired - Truffle is very blue now.)


Truffle retired from showing due to motion sickness and our remote location.
Trevasco Opal Anticipation "Opal"   

Photo taken the day after delivery of her first litter.  Opal is lighter now

Opal is a blue and she has such a fantastic nature that she passes on to her puppies.  Opal has had two litters and we have kept a blue girl from each.  Both of her progeny are RD Clear and will be part of the important plan that we are working towards.

Opal is very loving and devoted with people and spends a lot of time jumping on the grooming table for extra attention. 

Opal Test results DM, NE, vWD - clear.  RD - Heterozygous - one gene (kidney function test results = good.)  
Colour - black only (no brown or light colours) with 1 dilute gene. 
Hip score 7

10 Generation COI = 0.86%

12 Generation COI = 1.70%

Opal has retired from the Trevasco breeding program.  Photos of her progeny below.

Photo from age 5 months.

Eden, like her mother Opal, is a blue.  Eden is part of our forward planning on the way to a silver and silver beige line of dogs. As she has one dilute gene, if bred to a silver, will have silver and blue puppies.  Eden has not been tested for colour as she is not yet mature enough for a litter of puppies.

Eden Test results  DM, NE, vWD - clear.  RD - clear.

Awaiting Hips score result.

10 Generation COI = 2.52%

12 Generation COI = 3.61%

Trevasco Maddie N Tae "Maddie"

New kid on the block.  Half sister to Eden (above) and as she is younger than Eden, not yet a part of our breeding program.  Maddie is also blue.  Maddie carries the light colour gene as her father is white.

Maddie Test results  DM, NE, vWD - clear.  RD - clear.

Hips not yet scored.

10 Generation COI = 1.09%

12 Generation COI = 2.29%

This is the amazing Crosby - "Seransil's Taking the High Road" - a sire on ice.  

We intend to use this frozen semen over Truffle next year.

Crosby  Test results  DM, NE, vWD - clear.  RD - Homozygous (2 mutant genes - not affected)

Crosby - 10 Generation COI - 8.34

Crosby - 12 Generation COI - 10.28

Truffle / Crosby puppies will be  DM, NE, vWD - clear

RD results to be tested by DNA, possible heterozygous (one gene) or Homozygous (two genes) Kidney function testing to be done at 8 weeks.

Puppies will have

          10 Generation COI =  9.09%

          12 Generation COI = 10.83%

With huge thanks to Peter and Diane of Cantope Kennel in Canada.  

This pair, "Bogart and Bacall" have arrived in Australia and are in our forward planning.

They are brother and sister and I have high hopes for a future breeding plan which includes this new line.

Statistical data Test results DM, NE, vWD - clear.  RD - Heterozygous - one gene (kidney function test results = good.)

Bogart carries light colours, Bacall does not.  Both have the greying gene which means that they are now cafe au lait coloured. Hips scored under the international average.  Bogart has progeny due interstate shortly.  Bacall will be bred mid 2016.


Both are extremely loving, with Bacall demanding extra attention (as is her right).