Trevasco Standard Poodles at Blythswood Estate

Puppies from health tested parents - Our poodles of colour

Trevasco - the new generation.

Standard Poodles.

 Aust Ch Shertonah So Let It Be Written wins puppy of show

For many years the name Trevasco has been synonymous with quality Dobermann lines that produced many Best In Show results. 

The work that Nina Gregory put in with researching the bloodlines that suited her dreams for quality dogs and judging dogs from groups 5, 6 & 7, placed her line bred Dobermanns at the centre of a high standard era of winning dogs.

Following through with seeking out the best people to provide a combination of loving home and willingness to show these dogs, allowed her to place Trevasco Dobermanns in some of the best homes throughout Australia. Repeat orders from satisfied owners was a quiet testimony to the sound temperament and health of these dogs.

Due to Nina's failing health Elizabeth, her daughter, now has the Trevasco prefix and her passion for Standard Poodles and desire to continue with pursuit of excellence in her own breeding program heralds a new era in the Trevasco dream. 

This page would not be complete without acknowledging that my hope and dreams with my dogs would not be possible without those that have helped me with my vision. 

To that end, it is timely to thank Tracy Evans of Shertonah and Mydrm fame for her valued input and support, despite us having different goals as far as colours are concerned (my dilute dreams do not go with Tracy's deep red goals).  Importantly, we both have the same genetic and physical health goals of the breeds at the forefront of our minds at all times.

Thanks also to Evelyn Sera of Seransil in Canada for allowing the fantastic Truffle to cross the Pacific.  She has helped us immensely and shown her true style.

Lastly Diane and Peter Welsh of Cantope in Canada sent us Bogart and Bacall, two rich mahogany siblings (they later faded to café - which we love) that demonstrated grace and love with even small grandchildren.  Both held a special place in our hearts and they have now retired.