Trevasco Standard Poodles at Blythswood Estate

Puppies from health tested parents - Our poodles of colour


Breeder Supply Number : 4100084919

We have puppies born 8 September 2022 & 12 September.  All sizes.

Please also consider joining the Facebook group Trevasco Poodles.  Due to an aggrieved family member making ridiculous comments, I prefer that you answer the questions so that I can be confident that you are there in good faith.

We no longer have a wait-list due to people having a change in circumstances etc and follow up time taking up a lot of my resources, but we do grant exceptions in special cases.

If you are not poodle savvy, remember that a poodle puppy needs to have daily brushing in the early days to become socialised to the process.  A thorough brush and comb to the skin takes only 5 minutes and sets your puppy up for a lifetime of stress free grooming.  It is OK to miss a day, as long as you realise that you must get on top of this for the puppy's sake.  If you can't do this for your puppy, think about getting a short coated breed.

Please do not buy a puppy on impulse.  The decision to buy a puppy is the most important decision in the puppy's life.  Important imprinting is done in the first few months of a puppy's life and the wrong environment can make the puppy's future difficult. 

Please ensure that it is the right decision for your family as well.

Below pic is of the puppies from the Camelot litter. 
Pauly Left and Blaze right

Standard Poodles - Boy puppies have found their new homes.

Trevasco Ceres Earth Goddess, Eden, and Cantope's Mahogany Bogart (imp Canada) are the parents of these two boys.  

This litter is genetically clear of DM, NE and vWD. 

Born 21 October 2016.

Trevasco Oscar Wilde - "Snowshoes" - a sire on ice.

Toy Poodles, silver male puppies availale now.


Socialisation and temperament

Puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks using Volhard temperament testing.  Whilst all puppies so far have come through this test with flying colours, it is still important to socialise your puppy to noises and experiences in the first few weeks after getting your puppy home.  If you intend to ride your Harley to work every day and will be starting it up where the puppy can hear it, start it on day one whilst someone is there to reassure the puppy that it is just another noise like the vacuum cleaner noise that it knows and the sounds of doors opening etc. Pretty soon, the puppy will know that the sound of the bike arriving at home is the sound prior to a beloved family member arriving for cuddles.  

Walking past the "barking dog on the corner" is best done early in the piece.  Carry your puppy past the site until he is fully covered by vaccinations.  Then walk past with your puppy on the lead as if there is nothing amiss.  Pretty soon your baby will be bomb proof.  

Remember that puppies have limited experience with the world and need to be introduced to everything that they have not experienced before.  This includes swimming where puppies should be held up in the water until they get the idea to paddle.  Lots of puppies drown as they have not been taught to swim in the early weeks.

Autumn and her babies
Puppies and older available dogs notices


A litter born 8 September 2022.  A blue male and female available as well as a silver brindle girl.  

TOYS - puppies born 12 September 2022, two silver males available 12 November.  

Our journey with toy poodles has seen many puppies come to us that are not suited for breeding as they are too tall, long or have other issues eg bad mouths.  We could have bred with these dogs and sold off the progeny to try to cover costs. Instead, we desexed and sold them to carefully selected and loving homes losing money as a result.  

Trevasco has a 50 year reputation of breeding quality dogs of sound temperament.  To breed lesser quality dogs in order to recoup losses goes against my belief that we are tasked with improving the breed.  To my mind, desexing lesser quality dogs and removing them from the gene pool, is one way of improving the breed.

MINIS - Silver puppies born 8 September 2022.  A silver female and 2 silver boys available.

We now have a silver boy mini of quality come to join us.  We also have a black male pup, and 2022 may see us breeding a litter with a girl loaned to us from a non breeding owner.  We do hope that we will be able to get out to some local shows.  Awaiting pedigree on the pup and hair growth on the older boy.

We have one older standard dog available however he will not be flown interstate.  Happy to place him in driving distance.

It is not anticipated that we will retire any of our other dogs before mid 2023.

We test our dogs so that new owners can have peace of mind.

Trevasco puppies have loving temperaments and fit in with families with or without children, even families of one.

We do not agree to the sale of puppies for cross breeding purposes and puppies to pet homes are scrutinised carefully to ensure that they are not going to be used at stud or otherwise used inappropriately.  

This is to prevent our beloved babies from being used as slaves in a puppy farm and then disposed of once they have finished delivering litter after litter in squalid conditions.

Please do not ask for an puppy for your cross breeding plans as refusal may offend.  It may be better to look at importing a dog to meet your needs.

Picture is of Kach'l (Trevasco Arapaho Pride) now all grown up and settled in Stanthorpe.

Information about our breeding ethics.

I have high expectations of pet owners and all new homes are scrutinised prior to going to their new homes, so as not to end up as slaves in a breeding factory.  I only sell show dogs to people who have experience with grooming show poodles or who enter into a legally binding contract of co-ownership which allows me to limit my financial damages should the puppy be bred from without my consent.  This is the type of contract that I had to enter into when I first started with showing poodles in 2007 and is typical in the poodle world.  (We have had poodles since 1996.)  A dog that have I let go on main registry as an entire dog - supposedly for show purposes - has since shown up in the pedigrees of dogs from a kennel that I would not have been permitted to sell to, by the owner of the sire of the dog.  This has reinforced my resolve in this matter.


I test for all known inherited illnesses, except where the parents are proven by DNA testing to be free of those illnesses.  I also do a temperament test at 7 weeks and a kidney function test at 8 weeks (for puppies with mutant Renal Dysplasia genes). I test my adult dogs for hip scores to ensure that there are no issues with hereditary hip dysplasia.  It is not possible to test puppies as the scoring for these x-rays is not done before 12 months of age.  Breeding with dogs that have low hip scores is the best way forward for the improvement of any breed.  (Traumatic hip dysplasia can happen to any dog as a result from an injury to the hip joint/s regardless of how sound they are.)


Parents are clear of Von Willebrand’s Disease, Neonatal Encephalopathy, and Degenerative Myleopathy, all illnesses that can kill our dogs.  

I don’t knowingly breed with dogs that have close relatives with Addison’s disease or epilepsy.  I rely on the integrity of others to keep me informed of familial links to these diseases.  There is no genetic test for either of these diseases, however from my understanding, Addison's disease needs a number of genes to be in place and even then a dog may never show any signs of the disease.  Addison's disease is not fatal and can be managed with medication.  Good socialisation to prevent stress is important as stress can be a contributing factor.


Standard poodles rarely get retinal issues and there is now a DNA test for this in the Standards. In minis and toys the incidence appears to be higher.


I feed a complete dog food that is recommended by a vet.  Puppies are born in our rumpus room and stay in with us, listening to TV and other household noises until they are 4 to 5 weeks old.  At that age, they spend some time in our outside puppy area and go for twice daily walks – tripping over themselves and my feet as they go.  Puppies cannot by law, leave before they are 8 weeks old, but I don’t let them go until about 9 to 10 weeks.  State law requires that I microchip the puppies before they go off to their new homes.  I would do this anyway as this ensures that the puppy can be reunited with its owners should they be separated for any reason.


If you are looking for a puppy I will ask if you have had any experience with poodles or other long coated breeds?  Do you have a partner or children?  What size yard do you have and what type of fencing?


I am sorry for the third degree, but I expect any person who cares about the welfare of their puppies to ask lots of questions of the potential buyer.  I expect that you will have lots of questions for the breeder of your new puppy too.  Please feel free to ask me any questions that you like.  No question is too simple or complex.


04 287 387 00

We prefer that you do not buy a puppy as an impulse, but that you research the breed and ask many questions if you have not had a standard poodle in your family before. Standard poodles require attention to their coat if it is to be kept in good order. It could be as easy as a trip to the groomer once every six weeks, or daily combing of long hair. Informed is forearmed. We also ask that you buy only from registered breeders that are interested in the promotion and improvement of the breed, not from puppy farmers who breed their dogs at every opportunity with the view to making money. This is not good for the mothers or the puppies from these mothers, who are tired and run down from having repeated litters. Often those puppies are bred from parents that would not be used in a registered breeding program due to faults and the parents would not have not been health tested. The resulting faults and diseases can cause distress if they later cause major surgery to be required, or worse cost the life of a young dog.