Trevasco Standard Poodles at Blythswood Estate

Puppies from health tested parents - Our poodles of colour

Our Smaller Poodle Family.

We currently have toy poodles in our breeding program. 

We have had only one mini in our breeding program.   Sadly she had an altercation with a snake and we lost a part of our heart.   

For toy poodles, our puppy page will have announcements as to the likelihood of puppies.  We are proud of our reputation for rigorous testing of our standard poodles and we are no less thorough with our smaller poodles.  We test so that we know that our smaller poodle babies will not go blind, be affected by dwarfism or suffer renal issues. If you choose not to buy a Trevasco Poodle for any reason, please ensure that your breeder does thorough testing, otherwise, ask yourself what are you paying for?

Some breeders may have dozens of dogs that they breed with, as it is a business for them.  We breed as a hobby, primarily as we want a puppy ourselves or someone close to us who has helped us in our breeding program wants a puppy.  As there is rarely only one one puppy in a litter, the other puppies are placed in homes that we deem to be suitable.  If puppies do not work out, we are only too willing to have the puppies back and place them in another home.

We have noticed that some of the toy poodles that have come to us have not met the standard of the breed eg too tall, too long or mouths are not up to expectations.   If this is the case, we may choose not to breed with that dog and desex it before placing in a pet home.  Breeding with one of these girls or boys knowing that puppies will not meet the standard of the breed or worse in the case of bad mouths, be affected by this for the rest of their lives, is not ethical and does not meet the guidelines set down by the ANKC to breed to improve on our breed.

Sharnimaine Roman Wish "Rome"

Our handsome little "cafe au lait" boy on his daily romp.  He is just a very loving boy and a valuable asset to our breeding program.

Rome's coat has turned a creamy latte .

PRA clear by parentage.   RD = Homozygous (2 mutant genes, not affected)

AUST CH - Mydrm Ima Winner "Zephyr"

How cute is this little gal?  We have to thank Tracy of Mydrm for allowing us the opportunity to have a child of Ch Mydrm Show Stopper "Candice" who has spent a good deal of time with us in Central Queensland competing at our shows.  We have long admired Candice and now we have her daughter upon which to bestow our love. 

Zephyr has been very active in the show ring from February 2013 to June 2013 and has attained her  championship title like her mum and dad.  Along the way Zephyr won 8 minor puppy of group and 7 puppy of group before retiring from the ring at age 10.5 months.  (new photo to come soon)

We also have Zephyr's cream litter sister "Lolly" with us now and hope to campaign her in the ring as soon as her topknot is restored.  (puppies had chewed it off.)

Zephyr Test results - PRA clear by parentage.  RD =Clear.

Lolly  Test results - PRA clear by parentage.  RD = Heterozygous (one mutant gene)

We also have a cafe au lait girl and a silver girl.  More details coming soon.