Trevasco Standard Poodles at Blythswood Estate

Puppies from health tested parents - Our poodles of colour

Hi Elizabeth, 


My partner bought a puppy from you late last year.  He bought my puppy from you as a surprise, the best surprise ever! I couldn't even believe how he pulled that off because he's not the very organized type. But he did well (of course with your help), and I didn't even have a clue until Chelsea got home. 

We named her Chelsea, I think Matt might've have emailed you about that back then.

I have to say a BIG BIG thank you for helping us at the start, all the details you sent was very handy, we definitely used all the tips. But she was such an easy puppy, and she adapted really well.


It's Chelsea's birthday tomorrow, and I thought I'd send you some photos on how she's been in the past year. She is our baby, and I cannot imagine our life without her. She is spoilt, and my whole family loves her so much too, especially when she does "eskimo kisses" (nose to nose), everyone finds it too cute. 


So I've attached a collage: the top left was actually her first day at home. We also took her to puppy school, and she's finished grade 2. I couldn't do anymore than grade 2 mostly because of time conflicts, but she is very good and we'll trained and certainly a very smart puppy. As you can see on the photo as well she dotes on Matt. 



Teddy has soulful eyes but with a touch of mischief.  He gives me a look sometimes that is pure trouble! By the way when he had his injection the other day my vet said he was going to be a good size and had very good hips, sound body etc. He also said you were a responsible breeder having all the tests done.  Very impressed. Teddy's weight was 10 kgs on the 29th.

Best wishes

Hi Elizabeth he is very well and happy. Now weighs 12.9kg. We have been to puppy school and he is the star. He goes into my neighbor through the back lane and plays with 2 pugs all day while I'm at work. Loves his early walks at Rushcutters Bay. We are having a great time. He is sleeping on Schatzi's bed downstairs and on my bed at night. He is very lovable and loved. Thank you always. Best regards, Connie

Hi Elizabeth,

 I just wanted you to know how much we love our Lola.

 She has settled in really well and brings us plenty of joy. Lulu wasn't overly impressed at first and just chose to ignore her, but now they are now very playful together.

Anyway hope everything is going well for you. 



Hi Elizabeth,


Hi Elizabeth Here is Arwen, sitting partially on our lab. She is sooo lovely, and is having a very happy time with us. She and my cocker have matching beds, and sleep with each other at night. The dogs are all great friends. She has had her stitches out, and her immunisation, and she is very healthy and well. I took her to my neighbours, and we groomed her face and feet and around the base of her tail. That was enough for me as a beginning! The vet said I did a beautiful job! Actually, it was more my neighbour than me. But I have made a start :-) I'm happy for you to use me for referrals. Warm regards, Kara


Hi Elizabeth

Just wanted to give you a quick update on our girl. She is wonderful. She has fitted in so well with our family. She has an amazing amount of patients with the girls, and they adore her so much. They have a wonderful time playing with each other it is beautiful.

We get so many positive comments on her all the time. Everywhere we go people are amazed that she is so young and well behaved. I took her to our first dog obedience class today and she is the youngest there and I would Biasedly say she was one of the best ones there. Bonnie is very quick to learn. As I type this she has just jumped on our bed to give me a cuddle goodnight.

We love her.

The girls still talk about Toby too particularly my eldest Keeley does as Bonnie's brother and how we should let them see one another again.

Hope you are well and enjoying your retirement.


Hi Elizabeth,


I just have to tell you that Frodo (Wilma), is the BEST DOG EVER!!


She has the most beautiful temperament and is a delight. She is well and truly at home here now, friendly to everyone, happy to play with ALL the neighbourhood kids, an excellent guard dog and so quiet and mild (until she gets hold of a tennis ball . . .).


Even the cat who lives in my house tolerates her – until Frodo starts trying to play, which freaks the cat out.


As someone who is not a dog person, I am well and truly converted (at least to Frodo, anyway). She gives dogs a good name


Thank you so much again for her, she is everything I could ever have wanted in a pet.


best regards,



Pics from left, Heidi with her family and Dr Chris Brown; Heidi - sweet girl showing off her white "mismark"*; Heidi with her family and Dr Harry.

Heidi is a bit of a name dropper.  I hope Dr Harry realises what a quality dog he has in his arms!

*Mismark genes cause small white marks on feet and chin and in Heidi's case, a large white mark on her chest. Heidi does not carry the "parti" gene.